LED lamps and how they can help you.

By now many of you have seen the LED lamps. they come in many different shapes and sizes, so to keep it simple, I will compare a common eight Watt LED lamp to our trusty 60 watt incandescent.
(An 8w LED A lamp is the most common type to replace the standard 60W incandescent)

Keep in mind:

Watt=W and KW=1000Watts

We pay for our electrical utility based on:

1000 Watts used for an hour = 1 KWH

The average consumer pays about 10 cents per KWH. 

A 60W light bulb on for one year continuously will cost the average consumer almost $60 ($52.56 @10cents per. KWH)

The 8W LED lamps will produce about the same amount of light for a fraction of the cost, about $8 if left on 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

With the above details in mind, consider the time you use your lights and multiply that by the amount of people in your home, that should give you a good idea of your utility savings in real money, it is likely a lot more than we usually think. In some cases thousands and at least hundreds per year. Lighting can accommodate for up to 60% of your utility cost, take a look at your electric utility bill. How much do you pay for power. We can get you LED lamps also, just send us an e-mail or call. We can also help you save in many other ways as well. I am going to try to help our customers cut their bills in half or more. We have cut utility costs for customers as much as $5000+ per year. I am hoping we can do even better soon. There are, third-party, grants and rebates available also and I can help you get the most out of the incentives as well, so send us an e-mail or call, our team is here to help you.

There are other details you will want to know when buying your lamps if you decide to get them on your own:

First is the color, this will be determined by the K or Kelvin temperature. 2300K is orange and similar to incandescent lamp color. 5000K is more white like sun light and easier to see true color with.

Next is the Lumen value: 600 Lumen is created by the average 60W lamp, use that value to determine your needed brightness.

Now that you know the basics, look on the packaging when you buy LED lamps, here are the other details you will look for:

Lamp life, a good LED will have at least 25,000 hour life expectancy, a great LED will have at least 50,000 hour life expectancy.

There are some bad ones on the market still so if you have question contact us.

We have many LED lamps available at great prices for every application, inside, outside, can replacement, security and many more.

Trouble shooting electrical problems…

If you have electrical problems give us a call. Our staff can find and repair many different electrical problems for you. Weather it is one or many lights, or even your entire home or business out of power, we have equipment and trained technicians to help you fix your problem. The smallest troubleshooting job and the toughest, we have repaired them all, it is the equipment and training that give us the edge. After seeing us in action you might think it is easy. Let us help you save yourself time and frustration, you will be happy you did.