Be Energy Conscious

It is time that we all face the facts:
1 Utility costs are not going to get less expensive unless we consume less.
2 The costs we now pay for utility is only going to increase unless we are proactive about cutting usage.
3 By reducing your consumption you can free up the excessive amount of money that is wasted, in some cases thousands per year.
4 We would all like to use our utility bill costs for other things, that addition you wanted on your home, the car you have always wanted, a vacation, venture capital for your business, or even to invest in your retirement.
5 The saving generated from leaning wasteful usage of energy can add up quickly and maybe even fuel all of your commuting cost. (even with fuel cost at an all time high)

New lighting will likely save you about the following:
Average Residential savings of $100 a month = about $12000.00 over ten years.
Average Commercial-Industrial savings of $400 per month = about $48000.00 over ten years.
Each home or business is addressed on an individual basis; results will be different for each building, based upon current usage and the integrated usage after updating the building.
These are realistic numbers that show the effect being proactive in reducing energy consumption can achieve.